Friday, January 27, 2012

Chapter 5 Final

[Wow, getting a job really just saps one of all creativity and inspiration, but after such a long time, watching a lot of AMV's for whatever reason and listening to a lot of new music, I was suddenly inspired to write this. This was all written in a rush as to get all of the ideas down before they left me so there is still much editing to do, but I'm sure nobody is reading this anyway so everything should be alright. If you DO happen to be reading this, well, thanks for still keeping up.]

    Cylvia was beaten and in deep seated pain. Auvyr was able to pierce through her other shoulder making both of her arms now useless. Still, she refused to cry out or scream. She grunted, she groaned a bit, but otherwise was silent as she always was. On the ground, she was helpless, Auvyr could kill her at any moment, but what he wanted was not her death, but his own sadistic pleasures.
    “Why the hell do you not scream”, he snapped, “does this not hurt you”, he grabbed the blade and slowly twisted.
    Cylvia grimaced in pain, and Auvyr’s heart fluttered a bit, but nothing beyond that small reaction made him even more bitter. He grabbed her by the throat and lifted her. He pinned her against the wall, but made sure not to hold her throat too tightly. He wanted her to scream. Maybe it was the fact that she wasn’t screaming was the reason why he wanted this so bad.
    Auvyr slammed his knee into her stomach as hard as he could. Waves of pain erupted from her ribs, but all she could do was gasp as the air shot out of her lungs. She inhaled deeply and started to taste blood at the back of her throat. Still, her honor as a warrior was intact and she refused to scream or surrender.
    “Just tell me. Why the fuck…won’t you even say anything?”, he was at the end of his rope, he could feel Xephyr start to fade back into existence.  He wanted to know at least how she could hold on so strongly.
    Cylvia, as silent as ever, just stared back.
    A movement briefly caught his eye, Aqua moved into his line of sight. With the little bit of existence Auvyr had left, he picked up his swords, and held Cylvia in front of him; neck resting against the edges of his blades. Aqua looked at them both and just smiled. She slowly raised her guns, aiming at them both, one barrel firmly set at each of their foreheads.
    “Drop the guns bitch or I’ll slice this pretty girl’s head clean off”, he set his gaze in stone. Auvyr calculated the distance between them to be a little more than six meters. It would take three seconds, maybe four to close the gap. If she was another melee combatant like himself, that would be no problem, but the firearms served as a tricky and sensitive matter.
    “Look at my eyes. Does it look like I care?”, Aqua reconsidered her aim. She really did find Cylvia annoying, and this would be as good a chance as ever to get rid of her. She aimed both weapons at her comrade.
    In a decision that not even he himself understood, Auvyr, instead of decapitating his hostage, pushed her out of the way from the bullets. The motion was just enough to spread open his bulletproof jacket; exposing his chest and giving one of the bullets ample space to fly into and exit in an instant.
    Though the pain was immense, it gave Auvyr the second wind and revival he so desperately wanted. Cylvia got knocked to the ground, but was out of harm’s way and observed Auvyr’s next move. Hiding behind a pillar and clutching his wound, Cylvia looked on feeling her head grow warm, blood boiling inside. Instead of being killed for being weak, she was saved by an enemy.
    After the gunshots silenced, Auvyr and Cylvia heard nothing. Aqua chose not to move, they were trapped in where they were. If they decided to move, they’d instantly be in her line of sight. She was a trained sniper, she could stand there for days if needed to. She would kill them, it was her goal before the blonde. She was going to save the best for last.
    Auvyr looked at his wound. It wasn’t in anywhere critical, but it was bleeding and that had to be taken care of. He had taken out a syringe of BioFoam, a solution that when applied would fill a wound, and jabbed it into the bullet hole. It stung, but at least he wouldn’t bleed out. Then it was time to concentrate on the next task at hand.
    Auvyr wanted to play it defensively, but was too impatient. The offensive was the only way he could take, but he couldn’t figure it out. He had to close a twenty foot separation or he was bound to be gunned down.
    Auvyr gripped his jacket. It would have to be sacrificed, but there was nothing else he could do. His lips got wide and gambled his life on this next move.
    Auvyr threw his jacket into the air and heard two rounds go off. As expected, she was a disciplined marksman who would not waste ammo on such an obvious distraction. While his jacket tumbled down to the ground, Auvyr stepped out and launched his sword as hard as he could into the middle of his jacket. Aqua was easily able to drop and roll through the highly improvised projectile. While she had no choice but to avoid the throw, it gave enough time for Auvyr to close the gap between them.
    Aqua rolled back onto her feet and raised her weapons, blindly firing. Auvyr ducked low and leapt forward trying to get in one good slash at the stomach. Aqua was able to dodge well enough, but she knew she was in trouble. He had her in his range and now they were on equal, if not unfavorable for her, ground.
    She fired three consecutive shots and double backed, trying to open up the distance between them again. Auvyr anticipated their paths; moving out of the path of each one. She felt a spike of anxiety. It was very rare someone would start to get the best of her. Auvyr counted the amount of steps it would take for him to get inside of her range coming to a total of six. It would be rough, he had no idea how long it would take for her to recover, but he had to try.
    Auvyr picked up the sword he had thrown off the ground and tightly held on. Aqua used this very small opening of time to reload her weapons.
    Auvyr knew that if was going to strike her down, right now was the chance. While she was reloading her weapons, she was unable to fire. If he could move his legs just that much faster, it would make all the difference.
    “Not fast enough!”, Aqua screamed, firing off more shells at her opponent.
    Auvyr spun on the ball of his front foot and took one last step forward, swinging his blade in the rotation of his body. Swinging hard and swinging fast, it was all or nothing. She was in his range, but if she could find a way to dodge his blind side swipe, he knew she could just unload a couple of rounds into him and it’d all be over.
    Auvyr felt his blade make contact and at first was relieved, but it didn’t feel right. Aqua’s sharp smile let a sigh of relief pass. She was almost scared that he might have bested her. They both looked at the bottom of the butt of the gun that prevented Auvyr from slashing into her stomach. She held the sword just inches away from her body with nothing more than the guns she cherished so much. Auvyr was surprised at the feat. Rarely being surpassed in swordsmanship, it was a gun that was able to stop his blade.
    In the lapse of action, Aqua took advantage. She parried the sword, grabbed the man in front of her and bit down where his neck met his shoulder. Knowing the bundle of nerves that were located there as well as the large network of veins in that area would cause nothing but immense pain and blood loss. Auvyr felt the teeth rip into his flesh in a way nothing else ever had.
    Auvyr felt the skin tear away from his shoulder and nothing but wave after wave of immense pain shot through his body. Anguished cries rang out and echoed throughout the tomb.
    “Mmm…That felt good didn’t it?”, Aqua spat out the piece of flesh from her lips but continued to savor the taste of his blood.
    She shot him in the other shoulder, rising another scream from her victim. Auvyr tried to swing his blade one more time, but was quickly losing strength. He got it a foot off the ground before she grabbed his wrist and pinned it down.
    Sitting nearly on top of him now, Aqua could feel her heart hammering away in her rib cage. She leaned over slowly and made one long stroke with her tongue up his neck, the blood nearly spiraling her into ecstasy.
    “This…This fight…Your blood…all of it is like heroin to me”, she licked up more, slower this time to truly appreciate her work.
    Auvyr couldn’t stand the state he was in. He wanted nothing more than to kill his captor, but was finding it hard to move at this point. Nothing but pain; shattering his mind. He could barely even feel the tip of her tongue as it moved up and down his neck. Rage was bubbling underneath his skin, but not even adrenaline could help him now. He was at her mercy and for the first time, this persona truly knew what fear was like.
    Aqua gave one last suckle to his neck and raised herself up, eyes closed in bliss. She made a deep inhale, her appetite fully satiated. Her eyes snapped open and she leaned down close to Auvyr’s face and peered into his eyes.
    “I love those dark eyes of yours. I feel like you and I might not be too different. Plus, the taste of your blood is simply”, she bit her lip before letting the next word out, “exquisite”, Auvyr cringed inside, remembering he had said the same thing earlier.
    She reached inside of her jacket and pulled out a tube of BioFoam, “I want to taste your blood again”, she checked the needle for air pockets, “and I obviously can’t do that if you’re dead so-”
    “You make one more move and I promise you nothing but a torturous end”, a voice called from behind.
    Damian stood, gun raised at the back of the girl’s head.
    “I may hate that asshole, but I won’t let a bitch like you kill him. Drop the weapon”, frost filled his words as they hung in the air.
    Aqua had to smile and laugh at the sudden irony. For once, she was actually trying to save someone, “Hah, me? Kill this wonderfully delicious boy? You have me all wrong”, she let her arms slowly move down to her sides lest she incur a new hole in the back of her head from too sudden of a movement. Aqua knelt to his side and slowly lifted his head and tilted hers down to where the blood, although not as quickly, was still oozing.
    “You see, if I don’t give him this chemical coagulant”, she slurped up a bit more blood from his neck, like a cat cleaning itself, “he’ll bleed out. If you don’t want him to die, you’ll let me go.”
    Damian’s steely gaze shot right into her playfully dark eyes, “and what’s to prevent me from killing you and making the injection myself?”
    “And risk me dropping the needle? Breaking the glass syringe? Go ahead if you’re so confident”, she didn’t even break a sweat at this point. She knew she had him at this point.
    Damian lowered his gun. He knew he would need all members of his team alive if he were to carry out anything further. If he could prevent one of his own from dying, it would be that much better in the long run.
    “Good boy”, She hoisted him up onto her shoulders and supported his body, “now you stay down here now. I wouldn’t want to get shot right after helping out your teammate”
    Damian bit his tongue, rooted in anger. Aqua shouldered him, feeling the blood trickle onto her, running paths down her back and soaking into her shirt. Damian watched as she had complete confidence in her stride, never looking back; doubting he would even begin to think about shooting her.
    Xephyr was starting to come back into consciousness and felt the pain start to slowly twist into his brain. He was over the shoulder of a woman he had never seen before and was relieved to be helped. Although he had just started to come back into the world, his mind was numbing and could feel himself slipping once again and nodded off into a world of black.