Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Chapter 6

     The sound of electronic beeping dragged Xephyr from his slumber. The beeps got louder the brighter it became until finally he emerged to the off-white blaze of too much fluorescent lighting. Looking to his side, he saw a white wall and medical equipment. He tried to lift his arm but was met by intense pain in his shoulder. He looked to his other side and through the last remaining bits of haze saw a woman he didn't recognize and even through the blurriness could tell that she was staring at him.

     Xephyr tried to lift his other hand and was stopped by a cold metal shackle. Snapping back at the realization he pulled and jerked at the cuff to find it didn't give way. When his eyes landed back on the woman in the corner, they sharpened and were able to take in the finer details. Black hair cut short. She had very sharpened and pronounced facial features and green eyes that penetrated him. She stood and was shorter than she appeared in the chair, but commanded a menacing presence behind it.

     Blip, blip, blip, blip...

     His anxiety kick started the tempo of the heart monitor. The timing between the beeping got shorter and shorter like the distance between them. Fruitlessly pulling on his shackle, feeling his strength leave him with each tug. Xephyr looked at his other arm, useless, and now noticed the IV sticking in it leading to a drip most likely filled with some kind of drug to sap him of his energy but relieve him of his pain.

     Looking back over, he was met by the woman and could feel a nasty aura coming off of her in droves. He took one last hopeless attempt at freeing at least one arm only to meet failure.

     A door burst open to his right, "God damn it Aqua what're you doing to him? I swear to you I-", the doctor looked at the scene and saw nothing was out of place. The woman, Aqua, just stood by his bedside, her hand on Xephyr's and he noticed the doctor's look of surprise quickly washed away and came back to annoyance.

     "Why doctor, what a surprise. I was actually just about to come and get you and tell you that our patient here has awakened", her tone was overly polite and hearing it made Doctor Macnamara shiver.

     "Bullshit. What did you do?", hand on her hip, eyes throwing daggers in Aqua's direction. She knew letting her in was a bad idea, but she went against her instincts since Aqua did spare this one's life for who knows what.

     "Nothing, honest doctor. He just awoke and I was just here to welcome him back before coming to get you."

     "Wait...Welcome me back?", Xephyr tried to recall where it was that he could've been but found nothing but fuzz, "where am I?", he dreaded the answer he knew he was bound to hear.

     Doctor Macnamara sighed before giving her answer, "You're back on Revenant."