Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Chapter 3 Part 3

       Anya on the other hand could feel how tense Xephyr was. He was obviously a lot more nervous than she was. Anya felt a lot more relieved that even the most laid back member of the team was so apprehensive. Although she felt that maybe she wasn't doing her self assigned job well. She squeezed his arm a bit tighter and pulled him closer to her and he tripped as if in response to her gesture. Luckily for him, she had him caught in her arm.
       She giggled, "Hey, come on now X", she let out in a bubbly tone, "we just started traversing down and you've already started tripping."
       The days of how she avoided at all costs any kind of intimacy with any kind of human, even when she was human herself, came rushing back to her. Though she wasn't even human anymore, much less shy. Maybe it was just the fact that she was in this place that made her feel so giddy. Once she stopped thinking about what they were about to do and replaced those thoughts with the fact that she was in a place where she was free to make her own decision was something that was almost new to her. In her days of humanity, she could make no choices of her own and even when she became a Ghost, she still had to follow strict orders and rules. Out here, this was the first time she could actually look at something and gaze at it for what it was.
       Anya took her remaining free hand and slid it along the cool stone as she and Xephyr walked down. Even something as mundane as touching rock was a new experience. The odd fragility as the dust and dirt rubbed underneath her fingertips was fascinating. When she pressed her palm against it, small little bits tried to embed themselves in her soft skin, but she did not mind in the least. Taking her hand off, she saw the dirt remain on her hand. For once, she was not going to be chastised about being 'too uncleanly' and it wasn't going to be gun powder or blood staining her hands. She smiled strongly at her own happiness she knew she was on her way to possibly finding.
       Damian walked alone, the leader need not partner himself with anyone else, it was not a communist state. He preferred it like that; no distractions, he could focus. He made sure to keep time with his feet, not getting any slower or faster. 1-2, 1-2, 1-2, keeping time in his head. Damian exhaled on every left step. He wanted to make a habit of it; a large of the reason for getting a stitch is due to various muscles in conjunction with the stomach being on the right. He refused to let anything slow him down.
       Damian heard Jack try to make small talk with Skylar. How cute.. Damian thought. He was surprised that the kid wasn't just stammering or stuttering through his words. Though he couldn't make out what she said, he did hear Skylar mutter something. It was good to see her getting along with someone, and God knows it was not going to be Xephyr.  Team unity was more important than anything, as a leader, he knew that a team must be able to stand together above all else.
        Speaking of Xephyr, he hadn't heard him say one damn word. Not one smart ass remark. He had no idea how, but that Anya girl got him to shut up. Damian just hoped that they at least could get along. That, and was suddenly quite envious of her ability to silence the Voice. It was quite a blessing to have.

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  1. Sounds like someone stole their names from the Yogscast, quite interesting though. - check OP lose the captcha

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  3. Sorry, I wasn't even aware captcha was on. I thought it was something that you'd have to turn on, not something that was on by default and you'd have to turn off.

    Yogscast? I've never heard of it, though I am googling it now.

  4. keep it coming, man, i like your style. damian is a really cool character; i like how he doesn't give a damn, he just kicks ass

  5. Decent post, it has a good flow to it. Way too many writers rush from drama to drama, but this has a nice pace. Looking forward to reading more.

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