Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chapter 4

      "Please captain, can I take the shot? Please, pretty please? They're in my sights I could do it and take them all out and it wouldn't even be hard and this mission would be over and-"
      "Silence! I told you we just needed visual confirmation of the targets. Nothing more"
       Aqua licked her top lip and bit her lower one in anticipation, "but siiiiiiiiiir, just think of the bloody mess it would make. Just let me squeeze the trigger, we could just say it was an accident."
      "I said no. That is final.", Lucas demanded.
       Aqua gave a small bite through her bottom lip just so she could ease her ravenous nature for blood. She savored everything about it. Her finger quaked over the trigger of her rifle. She longed to pull on it and feel the recoil press into her shoulder. Being able to control the life of another gave her no other high. She knew though that if she were to go against orders, she may not be able to kill again for a while, so instead she took apart her rifle and tried to be patient.
       Aqua was a bloodthirsty member of the corps., which sometimes that would be a great quality to have. She would never so much as blink twice when ordered to kill someone. Though at a time like this, before the fight, the observation, she was on pins and needles and it annoyed Lucas to no end. Her insensate nagging made her quite the bother. On the plus side, this bottled up her lust for blood and made her that much more efficient on the battlefield.
      "Now come down to the rest of us", and Lucas clicked off his receiver.
      Lucas had garnered a very precise group that would be the most efficient to take down these rogues. Lucas had known every single one of those that had defected except the small boy. He was the only new one, but he seemed to be very non threatening, though it was that sort of underestimation that had almost cost Lucas his life once.
       His team was made up of six members, three members who were exceptional with firearms, one who was excellent at recon and hand to hand, a swords expert, and himself. Of course they were all trained to use firearms and various melee techniques, though each of them had their own expertise. This would be a cake walk.
       The rogues were foolish. Sticking themselves in a tomb, the irony was almost beautiful. All his team had to do was go in there, quickly dispose of them, and if somehow, somehow any of them were to get out, there's always Aqua who was going to camp outside and pick off anyone else.
      Lucas smiled, they had so many advantages over them that it was almost like cheating. He got to pick his team, they were forced to be with each other. They know who they are, the Rogues have no idea they exist, just like the Ghosts they are. Having an extra member can make all the difference as well. It was probably almost unnecessary.
       Cylvia noticed that look on her leader's face. It was a dark, twisting grin that many of the members of Revenant were so prone to having. Many of these soldiers were so willing, even happy, to be killing. It made Cylvia sick to her core, especially in regard to Aqua.
      "Hey, you got somethin' buggin' you Cylvia?", Max asked.
       Max was a bit worried. He knew just from the subtle differences in her behavior that Cylvia hated to be around Aqua. Everyone was cautious around her, but Cylvia never seemed to put up any kind of defense, though a feeling of disdain emanated from her.Max saw Cylvia almost like a little sister, and wanted to always make sure she was okay. She never spoke, but he still felt it necessary to at least ask.
      Max put his arm around Cylvia and gave her a reassuring squeeze, "Hey, Lucas said this mission shouldn't last too long. It'll all be over soon. Then we can go home", he gave her a smile.
      Cylvia just shook her head, but she at least tried to return the same smile. Max was very in tune to her, he was the only person she felt comfortable with. He did not seem like his being was dedicated into killing others. Out of many of the Ghosts she had seen, Max was probably the most human. Unlike Aqua.
      Aqua made it down with them and Cylvia instantly felt sick. Aqua emitted this aura that just made her feel like throwing up. Aqua was always on the verge to kill. It wouldn't surprise her if she were to kill all of them just to satiate her own appetite for death. Cylvia could tell that she was trembling; not from fear. Aqua was shaking from her need to kill. She was just that excited to exterminate a human life and Cylvia wasn't the only one to notice.
      Vera observed Aqua's quaking and made a mental note of it. That is exactly what she needed to restrain herself of becoming if at all possible. Aqua had Vaseline on the trigger, always ready to slide off rounds. There were accounts of her killing innocent civilians just to amuse herself. She claimed they deemed 'suspicious' and though nobody could prove she did it just for fun, everyone knew. She had no remorse.
      Vera could hardly believe that they were almost of the same cloth. The way they came into this world of theirs was the same, but their origins were different. Rarely does anyone know very much about how they came to be, but everyone knew of Cylvia's past. It was no secret, it might have even given her a bit of infamy.
      Cylvia was once a serial killer that slipped up and got caught only to be put to death. Somehow, Revenant got a hold of her and got her to work for them. It probably did not even entail a large amount of convincing, just a promise of being able to kill once more.
      "Alright, so can we go now? I'm dying of boredom here", Adva jigged his leg up and down and twirled a rock in his fingers. He wished so bad he could somehow crush it in his fist.
      "Yeah, c'mon Cap'n! Let's go! I wanna be able to-"
       "Yes, we know, we all know what you want. Now that you're back, we can finally move out. Is everyone ready?"
       "Sir!", They all snapped a salute and got up. Some of them might not have been as sincere about it, but all he needed was to have their loyalty. Lucas would not put up with anything else.
      They moved fluidly as a unit, snaking through the people on their way to the Katacombs. Nobody really seemed to give them much more than a second glance. So far, so good.
       They made it to about 100 meters away before they stopped again. Lucas took out a set of binoculars and tracked around for them. They were still standing and talking, they seemed so disorganized. They stood out so much. Especially that Xephyr. Black coat, blue hair, purple sunglasses. There was no mistaking him. He had a girl wrapped around his arm, Anya. She was definitely a beauty.
      The boy was still there, he was an X-factor. That boy could potentially be anyone or anything. He was going to have to keep a close eye on him. Skylar was there, cold as ever. Her face expressionless. Eyes sharp. She said something, and even from the distance they were at, Lucas could still see a slight tension due to whatever she said.
      Oddly enough, Damian seemed pleased. It was the oddest thing, he hadn't seen an expression like that from his former comrade in a long time. If only he knew what was in store for him.

(I think I'm going to be done with that for now. Someone said that I didn't rush from drama to drama, however, I did realize that my main characters might not have had too much drama at all unless I added in some enemy characters. I'd write more, but my friend is soon to be coming over. I hope you enjoyed this, and there's a separate post on pirateplatypus. Thanks for reading. Comments and criticism is always wanted and appreciated.)

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