Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chapter 5 Part 2

     Aqua was starting to feel antsy. She sat outside in a tree, covered by thick foliage and cloak that blended in with her environment quite well. She always assumed Egypt was just pure desert, so she was quite happy that although the air was hot, she wasn’t laying on top of burning sand and was in the shade.

    She mounted her DSR-1 Rifle on the limb, attached the scope and screwed on the suppressor. She accounted for all various conditions, but there was very little that would disrupt the shot should she need to make any.

    Aqua had confidence in her team, though she hoped they would fail. She wanted them to fail so she could pick off every single one of them. Especially the blonde bomber. She took an especially keen interest in her and it made her heart pound just thinking about blasting her.

    Aqua bit into her lips hard enough to draw more blood and lavishly licked her lips clean. She was so excited, so passionate about being able to control the lives that were in front of her. It was a high that she couldn’t get from any drink, inhalant or drug. The stimulation from eliminating a life was a craving unlike any other.

    Aqua while impatient, was at least disciplined. She could stay in that one position for however many hours that she needed so long as there was a promise to kill somebody. She got into prone position and locked her body into place, staring at the entrance.

    Soon, someone ran out, but it wasn’t one of her targets. Then another. And another. Humans were running out of the building; someone must’ve slipped up and been discovered. Her eyes took caution to observe everyone with harsher scrutiny. She refused to let any target leave alive.

    Aqua quickly scanned every face, body, head, article of clothing on every person walking out. So far, none of what she was looking for had passed. Her finger twitched on the trigger, beads of sweat started to amass and run down her face. She longed to kill one, just one of them. Like an appetizer.

    Aqua just continued to breathe. Breathing helped her suppress her appetite and stop herself from shooting just out of habit. If she held her breath, her reflexes would instantly take over and she’d shoot the first thing that moved.

    Breathe…Breathe…if you shoot an innocent you won’t be on any missions for a long time… don’t kill anyone but the targets…

    Everyone who appeared to be inside had quickly dissipated, to Aqua’s bittersweet disappointment and relief. She was looking for an excuse, any excuse, to shoot somebody. Sirens wailed out in the distance and were quickly approaching, and her wicked smile stretched over her teeth as she might have gotten her reason.

    Squad cars and two armored trucks rolled up. After the riots that took place in Egypt almost a decade ago, they really picked up their slack. They refused to let something like a terrorist event from taking place in their country.

    Well…if they go inside and find my team, they’ll probably shoot on sight...Right? I can’t let that one happen, the mission would obviously fail... That means these guys have to die. I have to kill them. There's no other way. Their lives are mine!

    She held her eye to the scope and eagerly held onto her gun. They all got out of their cars and held their weapons from behind their doors pointed towards the entrance. Two teams of eight each got out of the reinforced cars armed quite well with automatic weapons in their hands, a side arm, and a shot gun slung across their backs. Those guys were ready to fight. They just made one mistake.

    They failed to anticipate the monster creeping behind them.

    She took quick aim with her gun and held her breath and got in the right mindset. She needed to take out the armored units first. She got a head in her sights and fired. She loved the feeling of recoil being slammed back into her shoulder. It passed through his skull and went into the skull of the person standing adjacent.

    Two humans, one bullet. They instantly scattered. They frantically looked around and tried to take cover, but they couldn’t hide from her. She had every one of them in sight.

    Aqua pulled back the lever, cocked it and slid it back into position. It was smooth going back into place and she prepped for another shot. She took a moment to savor her first two kills. She gazed at the blood seeping from their heads. Was giddy about the way her other potential victims panicked.

    Aqua fired another round and watched her next victim violently jerk as the bullet penetrated their brain and they crumpled down. Her smile stretched so far, her lips cracked open again and started to bleed, but she loved the irony taste of her own blood.

    Aqua silently crept down the tree she was in. If she fired off too many shots from the same place, they may just throw a grenade over her direction in an attempt to shoo her out. She had to keep the upper hand.

    She moved making sure to not disrupt anything as best as she could. Her cloak and the shadows were enough to keep her visual presence unknown, but if they heard her, it could all be over. She knelt down and aimed clearly through the bushes. She had a clear shot at someone cowering in a squad car.

    Aqua fired, but felt no satisfaction. Cowards served as no joy. They were in a state of mind where they accepted defeat and death. It was like they were willingly turning their lives over their own grim reaper. She spit the blood out of her mouth, that kill soured the taste.

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  1. You aren't half bad at writing, very fun to read