Monday, June 27, 2011

Chapter 5 Part 3

    They were starting to get into a panic. She slid the next bullet into the chamber and took aim to another armored squad man. Until he ducked behind another car. They were all well guarded behind cars. After 4 deaths, they were able to tell the direction of the shooter. It appeared she was going to have to change tactics a bit.

    She carefully crawled forward through the brush, she was vastly outnumbered, which is what she adored. Aqua loved winning and the more overwhelming the odds, the better. Unfortunately for them, she was low enough to the ground to be able to aim underneath the cars. She aimed carefully underneath one of the armored trucks, wanting to hit the similarly protected officers behind it.

    Aqua pulled the trigger and saw the blood splatter out from the foot she had hit. The man instantly went down to the ground while the other bodies scattered. Aqua quickly slammed another bullet into the chamber and shot the body. The bullet screamed through the air and went into his body and almost traversed through the body from navel to neck.

    As his wounds nearly burst with gore and vermillion liquid, Aqua’s body felt like pure electricity. Her fingers were shook and the back of her head was tingled from euphoria, but she couldn’t celebrate yet, she had more bodies to take care of.

    Aqua ejected the magazine from her gun and quickly loaded in a new one. She ejected the bullet casing and slid in a fresh one all without taking her eyes off of her targets. She got up to her knees and started to retreat a bit. Although there was a bit of a problem having to shoot through the brush, they would have a lower chance of discovering her.

    Aqua continued to move, gracefully moving through the woods. Leaping over roots, tiptoeing around brambles, swerving by tree trunks, she made very little noise. In their hysteria and yelling, trying to establish some kind of order to oust her out, there was no way they were going to be able to hear her.

    Aqua found a suitable tree to hoist herself and her gun into and took residence in its canopy with little effort. She took her empty magazine and threw it as hard as she could from the direction she came from and watched them scramble and aim over in that direction. It almost made her laugh at how much of a joke she took them for.

    She aimed through her optics once more, recalibrated her sights to take into account her new position and felt fortunate enough that she had a clear shot through the leaves. As they all converged towards one direction, she took careful aim and fired hitting a man in the lung. Blood had found its way out of his mouth, leaping in large quantity from his body and spraying out of his wound.

    The other officers took a moment to register what had happened right in front of them. Looks of shock appeared on their faces; he must’ve been somebody important. She had to bite into her tongue, not for the taste of blood this time, but to choke back her fits of laughter that would otherwise burst forward. They had no idea how much fun she was having.

    Another bullet case ejected, another bullet slid in and she was ready for another shot.

    Time passed slowly for them as one by one she artfully executed another member, another one of their dear friends, ripped apart by a screaming bullet. They stood no chance and cut their losses retreating. Maybe they assumed they were outnumbered. If only they knew that one lone woman had out foxed them.

    When the last car had pulled out, she crept out from her hiding place and into the open. Eleven bodies in total. Eleven lifeless corpses oozing a river of gore. Aqua knelt next to one of the bodies, still fresh and warm, and ran her finger along his blood soaked shirt and raised it to her mouth. She suckled on her finger her liquid prize and savored the flavor of it. Still, it wasn’t enough.

    A twitch of movement caught her attention from the side of her eye. One of the officers was still clutching onto life and was going for his side arm. His arm violently shook as his bloodied limb desperately went for his last resort. Aqua stepped towards him and her lips grew from ear to ear as the fear in his eyes saturated his gaze the closer she got.

    His hand reached his gun and slowly pulled the firearm from its holster even though he knew he stood no chance. Taking aim, the officer concentrated his whole will into pulling the trigger but was too weak and too slow. Aqua kicked the gun out of his hand and cackled into the air.

    "You cling onto life so hard, that's rather admirable", she held his head up in both hands and took off his helmet and stared deep into his eyes. Her eyes projecting her ravenous appetite briefly met by a trembling despair.

    "You must taste delicious", Aqua bit down into the side of his neck and sucked the final bits of life from his body and felt his body go limp, though it wasn't enough to satiate her.

    She had to have the blonde. There was no other substitute. She left her rifle outside and drew her two matching Baretta 92F’s dubbed Thanatos and Mors and descended down the spiral stone staircase.


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