Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chapter 4 Final Part

(It's been awhile, I know. Thank you all for your patience. It's been a really busy weekend and I had no idea how to wrap this up. Thank you for all the support you have been giving me and in return, you all have mine.

The story thus far: The Rogues have started to plant bombs in the Egyptian catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa. A team has been dispatched from Revenant to put a stop to them. They have met and begun to fight. So far, Xephyr is in a state of mental instability against two members of Revenant, Damian has quickly dispatched Lucas, and Anya is fighting Hanabi.)

    It continued like that for mere minutes, but at the speed and rate of fire each supplied against the other, it seemed to carry on for hours longer. Anya was getting nervous. She was quickly running out of  ammunition not coming as prepared as she normally would have not expecting an opponent so difficult. She knew that Hanabi on the other hand came prepared with everything she needed.
    “Running out of munitions ne?”, Hanabi asked. Anya’s slowing rate of fire must have tipped her off.
    Anya kept her mouth shut and kept firing. Every moment when Anya believed to have had her in the crosshairs, Hanabi would make the smallest of movements to dodge her projectile. Firing again and again, it made no difference, they all seemed to be repelled.
    Hanabi stopped and smiled. She stared directly at Anya as she raised her weapon one last time and squeezed the trigger.
    Click, click, click.
    Anya swore to herself. They were both aware that she was out of ammunition, and she was willing to bet that Hanabi was still well armed.
    “Take cover de gozaru”, Hanabi figured she could play with her opponent now. She unloaded her half full magazine and refreshed it with a new one while bringing out a second weapon.
    Anya threw her weapon to the ground and quickly dived behind the large structure in the room. Hanabi laughed and recklessly fired off rounds after her. She had nothing to fear so long as she could control the Anya’s range, she was certain of it.
    Anya refused to cower in fear, quit, or surrender. She still had one last trick up her sleeve. She pulled out a baton from a holster usually reserved her knives from attached to her lower back. She pulled out a zippo and lit it on fire and pulled out a large pouch of kerosene from her shorts.
    “Don’t think you can hide back there forever ne”, Hanabi slowly crept around the side, unknowing of what laid in wait for her.
    Anya filled her cheeks of the foul tasting fluid, pursed her lips and waited for her assailant. Timing would be everything.
    “Gotcha”, Hanabi quickly turned the corner ready to fire, but did not expect the fireball that engulfed her.
    “Kuso!”, Hanabi accidentally switched back to her native tongue out of surprise.
    Her over shirt quickly caught flame, but she took it off before she could suffer any major burns. The downside was that she was now more unprotected from the flames.
    “They don’t call me the Fire Breather for nothing. Let’s hope your clothes aren’t made out of polyester or you’re about to go up in flames”, Anya took another swig of kerosene.
    Anya was confident that she could win now. Although she didn’t have the speed or instant death of a bullet, in a smaller room like this, the area she could spray was much larger.
    Hanabi was no longer able to fire anymore. All she could do was roll around and hope that her clothes wouldn’t catch fire. Anya was smart though. With each burst, she worked to get Hanabi into a corner. Hanabi caught on, but saw that she could do nothing. Fear started to creep up into her chest.
    Finally, Anya knew that one last burst would finish the job. Hanabi knew it too. Anya took one last large swig and blew out as hard as she could. Hanabi no longer able to dodge took a blind shot. The bullet hit Anya in her collar bone and passed straight through. That one shot caused her to grimace and turn her head in pain and stopped the flames from enveloping Hanabi.
    Anya failed to falter however. Hanabi was ready to shoot but Anya was too quick. She rolled to the side and quickly took one last sip of her kerosene. Hanabi continuously fired no longer underestimating Anya.
    Anya had Hanabi still in the corner, but now had to take the defensive. She knew if Hanabi moved out, she would lose the battle. If she got closer, she could win. It was now down to a battle about distance. Hanabi ran out of bullets in one of her guns and tried quickly to reload it but was not fast enough.
    Anya flanked her from that side and pinned her other gun up above her head and held the flame between their faces.
    “Wait!”, Hanabi pleaded. Anya was close to setting Hanabi’s face on fire, but she felt the cold barrel of her other weapon pressed into her stomach. It appeared that Anya was not fast enough to prevent her from reloading.
    “I’m a woman of honor. We call this a draw and let each other live?”, Anya thought about it for a second. She didn’t have to think long. If she kept the fluid in her mouth, there was a chance that the fumes could build up in her nose and possible ignite, blowing her mind quite literally.
    Anya also knew spitting wasn’t an option. Fire wasn’t an instant death and so Hanabi could still shoot and kill her. On the other hand, Hanabi knew she couldn’t shoot. If she did, it could cause Anya to spontaneously spit out all of kerosene and set her on fire. They truly were at a stand still.
    Anya not being able think of any other option, decided all she could do was trust her and so nodded. Hanabi dropped her weapons and Anya turned her head, spit out the flammable liquid and dropped her torch. Slowly, Anya let go of her Hanabi’s hands, still apprehensive to trust her, and with good reason.
    Hanabi’s hands quickly snapped down to grab presumably another weapon, but Anya was still much too close and Hanabi much too hasty. Anya spun her around and wrapped her arm around her throat. Hanabi struggled, trying to take the grip off of her neck feeling her air way become restricted. She started to feel light headed and it felt like needles were starting to press into her head.
    Hanabi kicked off the wall she was now facing and knocked them both down, but Anya still held on. Hanabi struggled desperately trying to force the lock around her throat to loosen, but her fight was getting weaker by the second. Shadows started to creep in to her sight as the world around her faded from view.
    Anya was screaming in pain as Hanabi constantly slammed her head into her shoulder and collarbone wounds, but held on fiercely. The seconds ticked by, and Hanabi was finally greeted by a world of darkness. Anya breathed out in relief and released her limp captive and laid there in the dirt, her wound creating a small pool of blood. She was out of breath, in pain, but she was just thankful to be alive as the darkness soon came to take her as well…