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Chapter 4 Part 5

(After almost a week between blogger being down, a funeral, and still being sick, I have finally gotten a new post up. Sorry it took so long, but I hope that you enjoy it. Let me know what you think)

Minutes Before…

    Damian took a rare moment to actually feel a moment of comfort. As he walked through the tomb, he took good looks at all the people inside. None of them seemed suspect anything. He caught a glance at Anya and Xephyr and they each seemed to be enjoying each other’s company. Jack and Skylar were nowhere to be seen, which was ultimately a good thing.

    Damian acted much like a tourist and got a deep look at his surroundings. It was one thing to look at pictures of what was inside, but it’s always an entirely feel to experience it. The well crafted details and hieroglyphs. Each ‘word’ was a feat of art. If  you messed up, there was no erasing, it was permanent. From what he saw and from what he had heard Jack say earlier, they were very close to what his mindset was; one that demanded perfection.

    Damian continued to tour the tomb and found two statues opposite of each other. One of them seemed to depict the male and female form respectively. Damian was amused by both. The male was missing both of its and he laughed, albeit a bit immaturely, at the ‘piece’ the male was lacking. The woman statue looked very similar to the male the difference being the breasts and still having its arms.

    The farther back he got, the more interesting the glyphs got. Soon, he saw what appeared to be Anubis with a serpent body in place of legs. He questioned this as he always knew Anubis to be the God of Death, at least to his own knowledge. Although he had already died once, he could not remember if there was an afterlife or if there was just emptiness.

    It was a topic that brought about paranoid thoughts. He wasn’t the most religious or spiritual man, but thoughts of his beloved Sandra haunted him at times when he thought about it. He just wished to be with her after death be it through the touch of the Grim Reaper, through the Gates by St. Peter, or be it that he must meet Anubis, as long as he got her at the end, he’d endure the flames of Hell just to reunite.

    It was the only memory he had of his former life. All he could remember was her shining face, even in sickness. He had not the slightest idea of what they did, the only recollections of her was when she was in a hospital, the same one he died in, but the feelings…The same heart shattering, soul eroding feelings would always be there until he died.

    Then Damian’s ears perked up. He heard the snaps and pops of what sounded like suppressed gunfire. It was something that most people probably wouldn’t recognize, but he was veteran, he knew what that was.

    Damian was put on edge, and his hand immediately shot to his holster hidden on his person, but stopped at a click.

    “Hello Damian”, that dark, mocking voice was instantly identifiable.

    “Greetings Lucas.”

    “No need for formalities here. Turn around so I can see the look in your eyes.”

    Damian turned around to a dark barrel of a gun pointed at his face. The gun was being held by Lucas, the Paradox. Always trying to be careful using reckless tactics. Trying to impatiently wait for things to happen. Carefully planned chaos.

    “It’s strange. I thought that having you at gun point would’ve made me happier. Maybe it’s cause I’d finally see some fearful expression. Yet all I can see is that tired out look of defiance”, Lucas said with no feeling.

    “It’s strange. You have me at gun point and all you can do is keep running your mouth off. Maybe it’s because you think you have the upper hand, yet all I can see is a cowardly punk who got lucky”, Damian mocked.

    Lucas’ eyes narrowed, “I hate you.”


    Lucas heard a loud gunshot over to his left and in that momentary lapse of focus, Damian grabbed the barrel of the gun and jerked it his left. Lucas still having his finger on the trigger had it broken as it was jammed back towards his hand. In that one swift motion, Damian had effectively disarmed his opponent and had easily turned the situation around.

    “You miserable fuck. You think you got me now? You think you got the best of me!? Go ahead. Shoot me. Shoot me right in my smug prick face! It won’t do you any good. It won’t do you any good at a-ack!”, Damian was annoyed of his ramblings and hit him in the back of the head using the butt of the gun.

    Damian really hated talking and mincing words. He especially hated people like Lucas who never knew when to stop yelling. Lucas was more annoying than Xephyr. Damian wondered even to himself why he just knocked him out instead of killing him and ridding the world of another annoyance, but unable to find an answer, he just decided it was the right thing to do. He just hoped it wouldn’t bite him in the ass later.

    “Shit, that really hurt ya know?”, and it looked like it would bite him in the ass now.

    Damian knew enough to not look back. Lucas was already up and aiming another gun at his back.  
    “That was enough to give me a concussion you ass”, Damian barely perceived his words before diving out of the way avoiding a couple of bullets.

    “It’s hard enough trying to shoot you when I’m this dizzy. Why don’t you make things easier on both of us and stand still”, Lucas stumbled behind a pillar to give himself a moment to try and think.

    Lucas was overcome by many painful sensations that came rushing to him al at once. His head was throbbing and dizzy. His finger was in pain from being broken. Then came the nausea and the vomiting. Everything was starting to blur together, but Lucas knew that if he didn’t get his act together, he could be killed any moment.

    He decided his finger and being able to shoot with his right hand was the first thing he needed to take care of. Ripping off a piece of cloth from his shirt, he bit down into it and snapped his finger back into place. He immediately spit the piece of cloth out, but was still able to hold in a scream.

    Lucas then pulled out a couple of different colored pills. One which was a strong pain reliever and the other was caffeine. Adrenaline was already in his body, but he needed more. The caffeine helped him feel almost invincible, but he knew it would take time for it to kick in so there was a need to stall.

    Loading his gun, he stood up and peered around the pillar he stood behind. It seemed that the tourists had disappeared, because of the gunshots no doubt. That would make Lucas’ job easier, whatever movement he saw, he could shoot. He was confident enough that his team was far enough to be able to do this without hitting one of them.

    Lucas treaded very deliberately, but steadily making sure to go around each corner very precisely with his gun forward ready to fire it off at any moment.

    Damian heard him getting closer. The sound of his footsteps were enough to give them away. Drawing steadily nearer, Damian held a fist full of sand. He did not wish to kill Lucas, it would be a waste of bullets and in was a waste of time in general. To kill him would be like a martial artist downing an infant.

    Lucas finally peered around the corner with his gun fully extended, just as planned. Damian knocked Lucas’ arm upward causing a bullet to go into the ceiling and threw the sand into his face.

    Lucas growled in pain, but continued to try and shoot. By this time, things were almost too easy for Damian. His foe was close to blinded, disoriented and confused. Damian ducked down from a couple of gun shots, grabbed Lucas’ arm, and expertly broke his radius and ulna bones.

    “You fucking sonovabitch!”, the snapping of the bones could not be heard over his yelling.

    Lucas went for a punch using his other hand which he could not have hoped to have landed in his condition. Damian ducked this as well and punched him in the armpit, which although strange and unconventional, contained a pressure point that dropped Lucas.

    Violently struggling at that point, Damian could sense how desperate Lucas was. Arm broken, suffering from a possible concussion, blinded, finger sprained, and in a heap on the ground, Damian decided it was time to just end it. He wrapped his arm around Lucas’ neck and applied pressure in a classic sleeper hold until Lucas’ eyes rolled back and his body went limp.

    Damian was not even short of breath, it was too easy. He had no idea how Lucas was even a leader. He checked for a pulse just to make sure that he was still alive, and finding one, propped Lucas against a pillar.

    “AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!”, came a dark scream from the other side of the tomb. The sound was instantly recognizable as Xephyr’s other side. He knew that he had to act fast. Damian dusted himself off and started running.

    Anya followed the crowd towards the entrance and decided to duck out into a large room near the entrance she had spied on the way in. She took the time to reload into a new magazine and keep the safety on her other firearm off should in case she needed it in a pinch.

    Anya took a tablet of diazepam to steady her muscles a bit and took a hyrdocodone for her wounded shoulder. She understood that Hanabi was an equal to her in skill, if not better. She pointed her gun at the entryway ready for Hanabi to come in. She could stand there with her arms extended, ready to fire, for hours. She remember being called the ultimate camper once and took an odd pride in such a weird compliment.

    Hanabi knew that she was already in that room, no doubt ready for her. It wasn’t hard to track her, Anya stood out from many crowds. The trouble was, coming in through such a small entrance without being shot at first. Anya definitely had the advantage.

    She had many options, but no matter what she thought of, she could not think of a situation where she could have the upper hand. She decided on her best course of action and hoped that it would not get her killed.

    Hanabi picked up a rock and tossed it into the room and dived into the room in the opposite direction. Unfortunately for her, Anya would not fall for such an amateur trick and was not fooled. Hanabi gracefully stood up from her roll and continued in a dash so as not to be hit.

    Anya had fired off a few rounds only to see them miss, and knew that from that moment on, it was going to have to be a close range battle. Dashing towards Hanabi to meet her head on, Hanabi stopped in response and fired off a round. Luckily, she was close enough to be able to foresee the shot before hand and dodge it.

    Hanabi knew what Anya was trying to do. Hanabi needed to know more about the way Anya fought in order to find an open spot, a weakness, a vulnerability. Firing off a few more, she kept Anya at a distance, seeing the way she moved, but she moved very fluidly and very coordinated. Anya was very well trained as far as Hanabi could tell.

    Anya returned fire to stand her own ground to and to stop Hanabi from firing more. They both were very cautious towards each other, never giving each other an opening while staying on the offensive.

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