Sunday, May 8, 2011

Chapter 4 Part Two

     Damian finally made it to the bottom step. It was a bit of a walk just to look at some crumbling rock, but he imagined it must’ve been worse to actually create the steps than it was to walk it. He smirked glad that as bad as he viewed his own duties, it couldn’t have been anywhere near as carving ninety-nine steps into stone that were all the exact size. A pain in the ass in other words.

    Damian turned and saw that his team was right behind him and they all seemed to have lightened up quite a bit. The pre-mission jitters must have finally worn off. They all stood in front and stared at him, waiting for his next set of orders, but Damian just frowned. He was a bit disappointed they couldn’t be more self-sufficient by now.

    “Hey, get outta the way of the people comin’ down. Don’ be rude”, Damian chastised.

    The older couple just smiled and mumbled a thanks and continued on down the tunnel. Damian remained indifferent to them, but looking at his team, with special regard to Jack and seeing an exception in Skylar, a look of dejection crossed their faces. It was getting quite annoying.

    “Listen, you need to get over it!”, Damian snapped, “you are all soldiers are you not? You have killed before, ‘cept you Jack, but even so, you will have to get used to it! We didn’t sign up for this, but it’s our fate. Now man up.”

    Damian didn’t want to yell at Jack, he was the Innocent after all, but he couldn’t look soft or look like he was playing favorites. He needed all of them to get their heads out of their own naïve ideals. As the old saying went, you need to crack a few eggs to make an omelet.

    “Alright…now, Skylar”, she gave the slightest look up, “do you know how you’re going to do this? It seems pretty cramped in here. How are you going to do this without being caught?”

    Skylar allowed herself a smile. It was one out of confidence, but she had no ego behind it. She absolutely loved what she did and now that she was going to be able to actually do something, a little smirk couldn’t hurt.

    “Don’t worry, sir. I got it all under control. I’ll just need someone to make sure to have my back and make sure not too many people come around me so I can plant what I need to.”

    “Alright then. Jack, you’re up.”

    Jack gave Damian a look of questioning. He had no idea why him and not someone like X or Anya. X looked threatening enough to be able to make anyone cautious enough to approach or could at least talk them away. Anya was at least someone who actually had social skills if the last ten minutes demonstrated anything about her.

    Yet, to Damian’s and even his own surprise, he just gave a nod without any objections.

    “Good. Alright, well…it looks like X, Anya and I will just look around and keep our eyes peeled for anything suspicious. Is that okay?”, Damian felt a bit apprehensive about leaving her and not being able to do anything himself, but it seemed that it had to be left at that.

    Skylar gave a nod, hoisted her backpack back onto her shoulder, then tipped her head in her direction indicating Jack to follow. Jack didn’t hesitate to follow and almost tripped moving so suddenly. He quickly walked by her side like a dog. He just hoped that he could be as brave and as loyal as one.

    “Sooo…what does that mean we get to do cap’n?”, Damian almost forgot what Xephyr’s voice sounded like. Then he remembered how much he hated it as soon as he said that.

    “It means…you get to just take in the sights. There, is that what you wanted to hear?”

    “Very much so”, and Xephyr walked away with Anya still in his arm.

    “Smartass…”, Damian muttered to himself and walked after them.

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  1. Woohoo was waiting for this for what seemed like forever haha! Skylar is so awesome!